Make This The Weekend You Reclaim Your Storage Space With A Clean Garage


Do you struggle to find places to store items because your garage is so full of things you haven't used in 10 years? There's no use keeping things you don't need; they just take up space you could be using to keep the items you do use organized. Make this the weekend you finally clean out the garage and free up your storage space again. Here are some tips to help guide you.

Rent a dumpster.

Cleaning out the garage is a task that you want to finish completely while you're still motivated. Renting a dumpster ensures you have room for everything you need to dispose of so you're not tempted to put off the cleaning once your trash bin has reached capacity. Keeping a dumpster for three to four days may cost as little as $90, though your cost will depend on the size dumpster you rent and the economy in your local area. The dumpster company should drop the dumpster off and then haul it away for you once it's full, but you will want to contact local companies, like Horizon Disposal Servies Inc., to talk about your delivery options. 

Have some friends help.

The cleanup process will be a lot more fun with some friends over to help. You can keep each other motivated while you work your way through items. Plus, many hands make the work light! Ensure the people you ask to help are friends you can trust; you never know what they might come across in the depths of your garage. Having two to three people over to help you should be enough. Any more helpers and you'll probably start tripping over each other.

Designate a bin for donations and another for consignment items.

While you're going through everything, place everything that you wish to donate to charity on one bin. Keep a separate bin for items you plan on selling. When you're done sorting through your garage, take the bin of sale items to a consignment store. This is a lot more efficient than slowly listing them online or organizing an entire garage sale. Most consignment stores will sell the items for you, and then send you a check for a portion of the proceeds. Ensure you make a list of the items you donate and their approximate values so you can write the donation off on your taxes.

Don't let that garage sit messy for any longer. Rent a dumpster, call a few friends, and designate some items for donation and sale. You'll be so glad you have your storage space back.


13 October 2016

eliminating garbage and unused items from the home

I am a little embarrassed to admit that my mother is a serious hoarder. Thirty years ago, my parents bought an old 6 bedroom farm house. The previous owner was ill, so there was a lot of stuff left behind. I think that those things being left behind kind of started the whole hoarding thing for my mother. She found a lot of things that she really liked and held onto them. By the time my 5 siblings and I grew up and moved out, my parent's house was down to one bedroom that was still usable. My mother inspired my blog about eliminating garbage and unused items from the home.