Make This The Weekend You Reclaim Your Storage Space With A Clean Garage


Do you struggle to find places to store items because your garage is so full of things you haven't used in 10 years? There's no use keeping things you don't need; they just take up space you could be using to keep the items you do use organized. Make this the weekend you finally clean out the garage and free up your storage space again. Here are some tips to help guide you.

13 October 2016

Why You Should Rent A Dumpster For Your Fixer Upper House


Did you buy a fixer upper house that has a lot of junk on the interior and exterior that must be thrown away before you can start making repairs? The best way to go about getting rid of all of the junk in a timely manner is to invest in a dumpster rental, as it can be useful when you begin making repairs to the house as well. Take a look at the list in this article that explains why renting a dumpster is a wise decision when cleaning and renovating a fixer upper house.

10 May 2016